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Ace Hotel

I think this has to be one of my favourite hotels I’ve seen recently. I think it definitely targets the younger generation and art students. In each location there are different rooms. They look fascinating online but how I wish I would be able to view them in real life. I think I’d be afraid to sleep in there though. Just because … it doesn’t look like a typical hotel room. More like someone else’s home.

Medium Queen Room

The link below is to the Ace Hotel located in New York:


Tubular Objects

I questioned what a tubular object was even. Sort of sad but I guess it was the fact that I didn’t know what to put in. I thought of chairs and vases but they’re either really simple or really weird.

Quote of the Day 11/28/09

“You should be exposed to more things like this”

Said my teacher as he handed me back the Japanese architecture magazine I had in the morning. I feel in love with the book. Sadly it’s not mine so I can’t keep it. He wasn’t the only person to tell me that I should be the one searching for designs.  I ask one of the professors in the university fair how I’d be able to succeed in this field and how I could possibly be accepted into this program and she told me to visit places that are outside of my normal life. Go somewhere different.

I’m so lucky to be able to travel anywhere I want. I learned now to take advantage of where you go. I’m going to Punta Cana this Christmas and I can’t wait to learn bit more about their culture and their architecture. They don’t have much but it’s better than nothing.

Some amazing places I went recently was Japan and China.

Japan is amazing. Everything is breath-taking. The posh areas are filled with large and stately buildings. The Harajuku neighbourhood is cute and artsy. The bullet train is such an amazing innovation. The ride was so surprisingly smooth and obviously quick. I wish I could go back soon.

I went to different areas of China. One place I went to was Bei Jing. When you think Bei Jing you think of The Great Wall of China. I died as I walked up the first two flights because I didn’t have my puffer with me but the higher you go and better the view gets. I could look out for miles and I can see green land and the wall continuing as it was infinite. It’s much better to view it in real life than in books. Another place I went to was a tiny place call Chui Chow. It’s has long history and is in the rural area of the country. I have family who live there and I will never forget how it looks like. The houses are the classic historic Asian communities. You enter into the house I find five different rooms that are all occupied by five different families. It’s exactly how they look like in Chinese movies. It’s really nice to look at but difficult to live in. They barely have any A.C. and I was dying for a cool breeze. Everytime someone tells me that other people have it worse than I do I always look back to the rural part of China.

It’s never too early or too late to start.

Get your portfolio ready! In most art related programs in post-secondary destinations you are required to hand in a portfolio that displays all your artwork. It doesn’t matter when you made them but have enough in it.

Remember: It’s the quality not the quantity

Artwork can range from paintings, sketches, pottery, woodwork, photography, and maybe even a blog :)

If you know that you want to get into an art program find out their portfolio requirements. Know what pieces to put in. I’m planning to get into Ryerson at Toronto and here are their requirements:

  1. black and white drawing of an organic material
  2. black and white drawing of a tubular object
  3. black and white drawing of a staircase

Other than those above it’s recommended that you should add more pieces. My friend that was accepted into the program had a total of 9 pieces. I have tons of drawings and paintings but luckily this year I can add in woodwork, tee-shirt design and some photography hopefully. Here’s a painting that I did for fun one day: