It’s never too early or too late to start.

Get your portfolio ready! In most art related programs in post-secondary destinations you are required to hand in a portfolio that displays all your artwork. It doesn’t matter when you made them but have enough in it.

Remember: It’s the quality not the quantity

Artwork can range from paintings, sketches, pottery, woodwork, photography, and maybe even a blog :)

If you know that you want to get into an art program find out their portfolio requirements. Know what pieces to put in. I’m planning to get into Ryerson at Toronto and here are their requirements:

  1. black and white drawing of an organic material
  2. black and white drawing of a tubular object
  3. black and white drawing of a staircase

Other than those above it’s recommended that you should add more pieces. My friend that was accepted into the program had a total of 9 pieces. I have tons of drawings and paintings but luckily this year I can add in woodwork, tee-shirt design and some photography hopefully. Here’s a painting that I did for fun one day:



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