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Quote of the Day 12/17/09

“We have a Responsibility”

Designers have the responsibility to help Earth. To do what is ethically right. Luckily people are recognizing the changes they have to make to create to create a better environment through architecture, furniture, lighting, and heating. Such changes in architecture would have to be the green roof.

Green roofs are a benefit ecologically and economically. Ecologically we’re reducing our footprint and helping reduce the damage to the ozone layer. Green roofs can help you in many ways but the most beneficially would be storm water management. It can absorb the water into itself and then filter the excess out. Also, research shows that when a community contain green roofing the temperature of the area becomes cooler. It can introduce wildlife even though this wasn’t it’s main purpose. Economically, it reduces long term repairs and such. Leaking from roofs are a large concern where as green roofs can handle large amount of water. Overall, energy cost can be reduced with green roofs because vegetated buildings reduces heat-gain. This means that the buliding is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are many advantages of having a green roof and more information can be found on


Mortson Museum Prototype – School Assignment

This year we were assigned to create and research about start up a museum. The museum was to be called the Mortson Museum located near the Mortson house where an artefact was found to be over 10,000 year old. The museum should be environmentally friendly and meet all requirements of the project. Here are some pictures from the prototype my group did for our tech design assignment.

Interior of the museum

Prototype with the first and second level

Birdseye view of the museum with the second level

Walking Ladder

My opinion of this ladder is complicated. I can’t think of a reason why someone would create this. Maybe the reason that making things is fun. But other than that reason I don’t see how anyone can use this. You have to use a remote to move the ladder and it moves very slowly. If it could walk by itself by voice command or by clapping then it would be useful. The only thing appealing about this device is the remote itself. It’s adorable because the paint brush is the joystick. But other than that it’s nothing to my eyes.

Cell Phone Telephoto Lens

Camera lens for Iphone

I can’t find the creator of this design but I can see the practiacality. It’s hard to imagine someone lugging this large lens on their Iphone but it make a better photo than the Iphone itself. Why I think people could possibly purchase this is for its sophisticated and professional appearance and for the improvement of the problematic Iphone camera.



Lomography is surely becoming a popular camera brand. I’ve done some research on this brand for a while an I’ve fallen for it just like every adolescent out there. I’m so envious of those who have one. Lomography is bringing back film cameras that take old school, trippy and your own expressive photos. There are some very popular cameras out and in this post I’ll explain them and their contribution to the our every changing technological world and the renewal of film and instant cameras.

Diana F+ Camera

The Diana F+ creates a dreamy photograph and allows the photographer to be as creative as they like. It comes with different type of lens such as 20mm fisheye lens, 38mm super wide lens, and etc. The Diana F+ encourages you to take pictures with 120 film. It’s more expensive to purchase these type of film and to produce them but the result comes out great. The 120 film creates square photos and you can also create panorama photos by changing the mode on the camera. The panorama allows you to take pictures that continue on to the next picture that you take. How this looks on the negative is connected pictures. You can change the exposure of the camera manually. The sound of the camera is also addictive. The charging of the flash after you take a picture, the click of the shutter, it’s all addictive. The best part about these type of cameras is that you don’t know how the pictures are going to turn out until the end.

Lomo LC-A+

Just like the Diana F+ it uses film but instead of 120 film it uses 35mm film which is cheaper, easier to find and cheaper to produce. This is a popular choice because of it’s convenience and of long term cost. The Lomo comes with tons of lenses and accessories. This camera creates a more vibrant colourful photo rather than a dreamy photo. You can adjust the exposure by a switch indicated on the camera. This camera is more user friendly than the Diana and maybe that’s why we choose to pick this instead of a Diana.

Fuji Instax Mini

It’s sad to say but Fuji has officially stopped making Polaroid cameras and film. Because of this people have announced their concern and wanted a return of the Polaroid cameras. Instead of making the Polaroid cameras again they decided to make a instant film camera. It works the same way as a Polaroid camera. You take a picture and the picture comes out. The differences is that the picture comes out from the slot on the top and the photos are two times smaller than a original Polaroid film but the quality is a bit better than the original. The photo still has the classic look but with improvement. The film is expensive but worth it if you like to have your photo asap or you’re missing those Polaroid cameras.

Lomography’s duty is to carry out it’s goal to continue classic photography products and to keep creativity to a maximum. So far they’ve caught my attention and I’m hoping to get one soon so I can show more about these camera and maybe include them into my portfolio.

Organic Sketch and Other Drawings

I asked one of the professors if they allow animal drawings as an organic sketch and she said it was fine : ) Thank gosh. I have a couple of animal sketches but decided on one of my favourites. In this post, there are going to be other drawings that I’m considering to put in my portfolio. Hence the title of this post. Just so you know, I couldn’t scan the picture because the paper is larger than my scanner.

Sketch of a jar and pears on a cloth. It’s an okay drawing. I like the jar and the pears but not really the piece of cloth.

I love how the colour turned out in this watercolour painting. It has a soft look to it and that’s what’s attracting me to put it into my portfolio. I think I used watercolour paint or watercolour pencil crayons. Need to find out.

I guess you can call this a classical Victorian setting. The violin and its bow, a book, and some sort of picture frame with a sheet on the background. I drew this a long time ago. This is when I was learning to to sketch using free hand. I think I improved later on when I drew the cloth in the first picture.

Lastly, my favourite picture which is my organic picture for my portfolio. I think I love this drawing a lot because of its clean lines and simplicity. It creates an overall great picture and something that will help me in the acceptance. Hopefully.


You should have other materials other than sketches in your portfolio and luckily I have a wood shop course and construction tech course.

Tool box I made in wood shop. Decided to turn it into a storage device for my art supplies.

Serving tray I made in construction tech. I sanded it and applied finishing on it and it looks and feels amazing! Once I got it home the finishing I applied on the bottom of the tray turned yellow and smelled funny and I decided to paint it purple. I don’t like to have unfinished work in my blog but I want to give an idea how my portfolio will look like in the end. By the way, there’s sand paper in the tray. The brown rectangle isn’t there on purpose.