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Fashion Show 2008

It has been two years already that my school has done a fashion show and I’m happy to say that they’re doing one this year. I’m part of the planning committee and a choreographer so this is going to be fun. Two years ago I designed and created a dress to be judged. In the end, the dress got me 3rd place and $20.

My friend modeling my dress. White cotton fabric with pleated sides. You can’t see but there is a zipper on the back and I hammer in black coloured holes with pink ribbon to adjust to the model’s waist.


de Majo Illuminazione

During my trip to the IDS I picked up myself a European magazine called Objekt. I am very happy with my purchase. The photography and interior designs you get to view are amazing. One photograph caught my eyes and it was a colourful chandelier by de Majo Illuminazione who is an Italian design. The company was established by Guido de Majo in 1947. He found this first glassworks on the island of Murano and is apparently still there. The growth of lighting styles and safety grew from then on. An intended Venetian chandelier style was created then as time passed on other expressive designs and creativity changed the company including the Italian cultural heritage.

Some designs of new traditional chandeliers:

Interior Design Show 2010 – The Ultimate

Such an amazing show this year down at the Metro Convention Center. This year’s Interior Design show was called “The Ultimate” and was located downtown Toronto. It was a phenomenal show. The booths are always fancy and professional, the luxury of the products always seems to amaze me and the inspirational exhibits definitely makes me aw in astonishment. I would show you pictures of the exhibits but I took photos on my phone and they didn’t turn out as good as I hoped they would. This may look like a long post but it’s only the pictures that take up the space. Don’t judge the quantity.

Here are some of the artistic pamphlets I grab myself during the show (By the way, all of these were scanned so if they don’t look HD to you there’s a reason):

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Architecture for Humanity

It was really difficult for me to find pictures because most of the time while I was skimming for pictures of fallen buildings I’d find pictures of infants underneath their broken home.

We’re all heard of the disastrous earthquake that shook Haiti on Jan 12th. An alarming 7.0 earthquake reached the country followed by 40 other after shocks. With surrounding infrastructure and homes shattered all over Port-au-Prince new buildings have to be rebuilt and Architecture for Humanities are the one to step in. They already created a team to Haiti to make a plan for long term construction and to do so they partnered up with NGO Yele Haiti and the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG).

The Architecture for Humanity previously help rebuild Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana for four years after Hurricane Katrina hit the area. During these times they’ve built community housing resource centers/temporary housing and new homes for families.

To support the people of Haiti for the short term please donate to the Red Cross, Free the Children, Unicef, Oxfam or any other participating organization. To support the rebuilding of Haiti for the long term please donate to Architecture for Humanity.

Sweety, Let’s go to Paris

Anywhere in Europe is inspiring. Luckily I have family members in France and I want to take the chance to visit this extraordinary country of architecture, history, art, food, fashion, and etc……

I wrote previously that traveling to a wide range of countries can enable you to do different things. To admire the work of others. To view art in a different way. To create a design that you never thought you could.

If I could travel to Paris I’d want to stay until I decide I want to leave. I want to leave with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

I decided to continue blogging on WordPress. I have things to say and things to show. It has been a busy week with exams coming up. I really want to show you all about this wedding inspired by the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” from the 60’s. I’m in love with Audrey Hepburn. She’s such a darling in everything she does. If you haven’t seen the movie you can view it on YouTube. The movie is about love, money, and the elegance of American fashion in the 60’s.

YouTube video:

The wedding set up looks absolutely amazing and stunning. The colours are perfectly selected. Pastel and creamy colours that melts you into the movie and the 60’s. Everything is exaggerated on the table which is incredible but a bit overpowering which I believe the married couple should be the center of attention. But I really do love this set up. You can even notice the iconic sleeping mask. Here are photographs of the “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” wedding:

Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion

Two of my favourite people from the fashion and architectural industry united about four years ago to create the Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion. Karl Lagerfeld wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the iconic Chanel 2.55 handbag. He wanted to celebrate it with an event such as a fashion house, but what would of made the event better was if the exhibit could move. Karl wouldn’t want anyone else to design this event other than Zaha Hadid. He knew her early on and found drawings of her early work which he called genius. He knew that the building was going to be expensive but didn’t want anyone else doing the job.  The mobile exhibit would start at 2006 until 2010. So far it has traveled from Hong Kong to Tokyo to New York. I was so excited when I heard about this. The photo above, for some reason, makes me really happy. I think I  already missed my chance to view the exhibit but one day I will see one of their work together.

The exterior of the building