Quote of the Day – 01/04/10

“For each mouth, a different soup.” – Portuguese Proverb

I’m making a connection towards design. We all have different taste in what we want and how we interpret something. We can eat a piece of frog leg and either know it’s frog leg or think it’s chicken. It’s just the way we are.

To make people like what you make is almost impossible (unless you’re Coke) but getting the mass public is possible. Trying to get everyone to like us or what we do is a part of our everyday trouble and everyday life. It’s a part of marketing. You have to choose who is going to use the product. What’s their demographic or geographic information about them? It’s in technology. Can the older generation use this or is it only meant for the younger generation? It’s in design. Will they understand what this is? Will they buy it?

Even discussions in a group. Most likely not everyone is going to agree with each other. Having different tastes make us unique but makes our lives much more complicated.



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