Interior Design Show 2010 – The Ultimate

Such an amazing show this year down at the Metro Convention Center. This year’s Interior Design show was called “The Ultimate” and was located downtown Toronto. It was a phenomenal show. The booths are always fancy and professional, the luxury of the products always seems to amaze me and the inspirational exhibits definitely makes me aw in astonishment. I would show you pictures of the exhibits but I took photos on my phone and they didn’t turn out as good as I hoped they would. This may look like a long post but it’s only the pictures that take up the space. Don’t judge the quantity.

Here are some of the artistic pamphlets I grab myself during the show (By the way, all of these were scanned so if they don’t look HD to you there’s a reason):

It’s a brilliant design. Creating a table to the shape you want it to be. I like the concept of it but the shape they used would concern me a bit. I feel that I’d get poked by one if I ever had one in my room.

Glass design by Gregor Herman ( The designs look rather delicate and soft at the same time. They look really beautiful when they light up. I really like this piece and there’s not else to say.

Who would of thought a long piece of rope and a couple of pulleys would create a new recline chair. I looks very appealing but something I wouldn’t sit on. Maybe because I’d have to use too much effort to bring the chair down.

By Carol McGarry – Ceramic Artist. This is really cute. But can someone explain to me why this bowl is hollow in the center. I tried to ask someone but didn’t find anyone in the booth. I understand it can hold teacups on the bowl but once they’re on what can the bowl be used for? Gotta think outside the box ….

This is a neat design. New recycling bins are created in Ryerson University to promote recycling.

Suite 22 Interior described as a fairytale showroom that includes beautiful furniture and original. They’re a family owned company and all made in Italy. Their booth was attractive. Music, modern, very feminine and classy.

The most elegant bathtubs I saw in the show in my opinion. They had a solid white, rectangular Victorian tub on display with a jacuzzi. Amazing! I’m absolutely in love with it.

Last picture for today. This is an incredible idea for kids. I would love to have one of these animals in the house somewhere for my baby sister. The details of the animals are great. The strip, the spot, and the eyelashes. Everything is taken into consideration. While I was in the booth I felt like I was in a storybook.

Check out sites above. I can’t wait for next year! Next time I’m going to the launch party :)



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