Finding Inspiration Through a Picture

via Hitchcock Blonde

If it be a picture from a movie or photographs from the tragedy in Haiti we find inspiration one way or another. I find myself drawing or creating an idea to a piece of paper in two seconds once I feel something good is coming along but once I finish I stop. I stop for a long time. It’s because I have nothing to inspire me. I look at everything to find inspiration when I’m stuck. I look at people, fashion shows, books, a single object and photography. To find that inspiration you craze for you may need a little help. I gather a variety of websites of pictures and photography that may inspire you.

  • Hitchcock Blonde <– Large range of pictures and photographs from the 40s celebrities to scenic views
  • Jellyfish Heart <– Speechless array of photography
  • @#$&!* <– Colourful array of photography
  • persuasian <– For those interested in Koreans and Photography
  • Loving You Always, All Ways <– Movie pictures with the sweetest/funniest captions
  • Photoinduced <– Any beginner or intermediate photographers looking to improve their skills, learn more about photos and just for the view
  • Photocritic <– Professional photographers learning to improve or learning to how to reach more people with their pictures
  • PND Photo of the Day <– Large photographs of amazing pictures
  • The Big Picture <– Large photographs or current news. Some are quite dramatic.

via tiresome


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