RIP McQueen

It’s been a while since I created a new post. I’m sorry for a slow week. I haven’t been sleeping properly and my brain has been stressed with the new semester I was given. I’ll create more posts when my Ryerson interview gets closer (Feb 27). I’ll also tell you all about the process when completing a portfolio and how the interview will go down.

This post isn’t about me today but about someone who inspired me for year. I felt that he hasn’t only inspired the fashion world but the world of interior design, or more broad, design. Some companies I’ve seen recently through shows and trip seem to be inspired by the dark look just McQueen (such as 64th and Queen). Lee Alexander McQueen has and will always be in my top 10 inspirations. His rebellious, dark and out of nowhere creations seem to come easy for him. His pieces never seize to amaze me. One of my first few posts I created a drawing on his infamous heels in his recent collection. What I liked about McQueen was how he interpreted the future of fashion, design and how humans thought the future would look like. He will be missed dearly but his designs will only yet inspire more people.

RIP McQueen

From more information on his death: Alexander McQueen’s death mourned by fashion world


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