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Architecture for Humanity

It was really difficult for me to find pictures because most of the time while I was skimming for pictures of fallen buildings I’d find pictures of infants underneath their broken home.

We’re all heard of the disastrous earthquake that shook Haiti on Jan 12th. An alarming 7.0 earthquake reached the country followed by 40 other after shocks. With surrounding infrastructure and homes shattered all over Port-au-Prince new buildings have to be rebuilt and Architecture for Humanities are the one to step in. They already created a team to Haiti to make a plan for long term construction and to do so they partnered up with NGO Yele Haiti and the Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group (AIDG).

The Architecture for Humanity previously help rebuild Biloxi, Mississippi and New Orleans, Louisiana for four years after Hurricane Katrina hit the area. During these times they’ve built community housing resource centers/temporary housing and new homes for families.

To support the people of Haiti for the short term please donate to the Red Cross, Free the Children, Unicef, Oxfam or any other participating organization. To support the rebuilding of Haiti for the long term please donate to Architecture for Humanity.