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It was scary at first but it was an enjoyable process. Once I arrive 20 mins early for my scheduled interview I found myself staring at a long line up. Luckily I found a friend who let me cut in (benefits!). Once I registered for my interview and paid my fee I saw posters around the school saying how Ryerson’s Interior design program is being discussed as one of the best schools to study at. The other two schools were located in New York and Rhode Island. After the glimpse I went to my interview which were located on the top floor of the school. I sat and waited to be called in. Continue reading ‘Post-Interview’


One More Day …

… until my interview with Ryerson. I’m scared but I’m also hopeful. Times like these I look over to my past and wonder if I’m doing everything right, if I’m making the right move. I think tomorrow will give me a better understanding. I’ve completed my portfolio and stapled it together. I don’t think I want others to view my portfolio yet but to have an idea what I put in it click on “portfolio” under category on the right hand side of the site.

So far I finished the portfolio, got a recommendation letter (keeping in hand just in case they want one), made a cheque to Ryerson for the non-academic requirement fee, and printed the interview confirmation.

All I have to do now is write the personal essay, do a design test and an interview.

Today I was looking for inspiration that could possibly help with with my design test. This year students that are mailing in their design have to construct a playground inspired by numbers, letters and basic geometry. I’m not sure what I’m going to be given so I literally looked at anything that could inspire me.

The most colourful playground I’ve ever seen. But the design could be touched on.

Winnie the Pooh’s house in the 100 acre wood. I love you Winnie the Pooh.

This amazing backyard playground looks so open and safe.

It’s like another dimension of Alice in Wonderland, but more sketchy.

Not sure this will inspire me with the design test but doesn’t everyone love cute animals???

Fashion Show 2008

It has been two years already that my school has done a fashion show and I’m happy to say that they’re doing one this year. I’m part of the planning committee and a choreographer so this is going to be fun. Two years ago I designed and created a dress to be judged. In the end, the dress got me 3rd place and $20.

My friend modeling my dress. White cotton fabric with pleated sides. You can’t see but there is a zipper on the back and I hammer in black coloured holes with pink ribbon to adjust to the model’s waist.

Photography on Diana Mini

I’m happy to say I bought myself a Diana Mini and I recently developed pictures that I took.

Diana Mini with Flash

I was and still excited to be holding on to my Diana Mini. It’s one of the most creative and useful camera I’ve seen. It’s simple to use if you read their manual and It’s a device that allows you to experiment. The quality of the pictures are true to what they say. It’s an old school camera that uses 35mm film and produces square pictures or portrait sized pictures. The pictures come out soft and dreamy and if you keep the setting to B (for long exposure) and you have shaky hands the picture will blur.

Here are some pictures that I took with my Diana Mini:

This picture was created by having two pictures on top of each other. I took a picture of my coconut purse on top of my desk in the construction room and then took another by moving the camera three inches away.

This is a picture of my friend at lunch. I love the colour of his sweater and I wondered how it was going to look like when its developed. I took a simple picture of him but kept the shutter setting at B (which means bulb and you can manually choose how long you want light to come in). I never took a picture with a Diana and I was willing to take a picture of anything in every way. The blurriness isn’t that bad I think.

Here’s another picture of my friend at lunch. She had bread stuck on the roof of her mouth so it was the perfect time to take a picture. I didn’t do anything special on the picture. I kept the focus distance as 0.6m away, shutter setting on N (normal) mode and kept the aperture as sunny.

This picture was achieved with long exposure time. Keep the setting on B and held down the shutter switch for 6 secs and then released it which created a lighter picture.

Here are a couple of my friends playing cards. I created this picture by overlapping pictures. To overlap pictures you take a picture and then turn the advance wheel at the top of the camera half way and then take another picture. This can create a “panorama” picture and you can recognize an overlapped picture by the vertical line dividing the two pictures.

I had a lot of fun with this camera and I hope many others can try out a lomography camera for photography beginners.

Mortson Museum Prototype – School Assignment

This year we were assigned to create and research about start up a museum. The museum was to be called the Mortson Museum located near the Mortson house where an artefact was found to be over 10,000 year old. The museum should be environmentally friendly and meet all requirements of the project. Here are some pictures from the prototype my group did for our tech design assignment.

Interior of the museum

Prototype with the first and second level

Birdseye view of the museum with the second level

Organic Sketch and Other Drawings

I asked one of the professors if they allow animal drawings as an organic sketch and she said it was fine : ) Thank gosh. I have a couple of animal sketches but decided on one of my favourites. In this post, there are going to be other drawings that I’m considering to put in my portfolio. Hence the title of this post. Just so you know, I couldn’t scan the picture because the paper is larger than my scanner.

Sketch of a jar and pears on a cloth. It’s an okay drawing. I like the jar and the pears but not really the piece of cloth.

I love how the colour turned out in this watercolour painting. It has a soft look to it and that’s what’s attracting me to put it into my portfolio. I think I used watercolour paint or watercolour pencil crayons. Need to find out.

I guess you can call this a classical Victorian setting. The violin and its bow, a book, and some sort of picture frame with a sheet on the background. I drew this a long time ago. This is when I was learning to to sketch using free hand. I think I improved later on when I drew the cloth in the first picture.

Lastly, my favourite picture which is my organic picture for my portfolio. I think I love this drawing a lot because of its clean lines and simplicity. It creates an overall great picture and something that will help me in the acceptance. Hopefully.


You should have other materials other than sketches in your portfolio and luckily I have a wood shop course and construction tech course.

Tool box I made in wood shop. Decided to turn it into a storage device for my art supplies.

Serving tray I made in construction tech. I sanded it and applied finishing on it and it looks and feels amazing! Once I got it home the finishing I applied on the bottom of the tray turned yellow and smelled funny and I decided to paint it purple. I don’t like to have unfinished work in my blog but I want to give an idea how my portfolio will look like in the end. By the way, there’s sand paper in the tray. The brown rectangle isn’t there on purpose.