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Taking Chances



It was scary at first but it was an enjoyable process. Once I arrive 20 mins early for my scheduled interview I found myself staring at a long line up. Luckily I found a friend who let me cut in (benefits!). Once I registered for my interview and paid my fee I saw posters around the school saying how Ryerson’s Interior design program is being discussed as one of the best schools to study at. The other two schools were located in New York and Rhode Island. After the glimpse I went to my interview which were located on the top floor of the school. I sat and waited to be called in. Continue reading ‘Post-Interview’

Finding Inspiration Through a Picture

via Hitchcock Blonde

If it be a picture from a movie or photographs from the tragedy in Haiti we find inspiration one way or another. I find myself drawing or creating an idea to a piece of paper in two seconds once I feel something good is coming along but once I finish I stop. I stop for a long time. It’s because I have nothing to inspire me. I look at everything to find inspiration when I’m stuck. I look at people, fashion shows, books, a single object and photography. To find that inspiration you craze for you may need a little help. I gather a variety of websites of pictures and photography that may inspire you.

  • Hitchcock Blonde <– Large range of pictures and photographs from the 40s celebrities to scenic views
  • Jellyfish Heart <– Speechless array of photography
  • @#$&!* <– Colourful array of photography
  • persuasian <– For those interested in Koreans and Photography
  • Loving You Always, All Ways <– Movie pictures with the sweetest/funniest captions
  • Photoinduced <– Any beginner or intermediate photographers looking to improve their skills, learn more about photos and just for the view
  • Photocritic <– Professional photographers learning to improve or learning to how to reach more people with their pictures
  • PND Photo of the Day <– Large photographs of amazing pictures
  • The Big Picture <– Large photographs or current news. Some are quite dramatic.

via tiresome

Sweety, Let’s go to Paris

Anywhere in Europe is inspiring. Luckily I have family members in France and I want to take the chance to visit this extraordinary country of architecture, history, art, food, fashion, and etc……

I wrote previously that traveling to a wide range of countries can enable you to do different things. To admire the work of others. To view art in a different way. To create a design that you never thought you could.

If I could travel to Paris I’d want to stay until I decide I want to leave. I want to leave with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction.

Quote of the Day 01/04/10 – Another

Mark Twain and Laurence Hutton at Hutton’s home in Onteora

“Imitation is the sincerest of flattery” – Charles Caleb Colton

“Trust yourself. Think for yourself. Act for yourself. Speak for yourself.  Be yourself. Imitation is suicide” –Marva Collins

I don’t know how many times I read these quotes over and over again. I tried to find meaning in them and obviously we can see relation between the quotes with reality (or specifically with design). After thinking too much I found another quote that for some reason made me feel better. Maybe because it sounds very wise.

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

What I learned is to be yourself. Find what you like in others work and imitate what they do to discover why you adore them. Take what you discovered and put it into your work but your way, not theirs. Learning and experiencing is a process in which we must go through.

Quote of the Day – 01/04/10

“For each mouth, a different soup.” – Portuguese Proverb

I’m making a connection towards design. We all have different taste in what we want and how we interpret something. We can eat a piece of frog leg and either know it’s frog leg or think it’s chicken. It’s just the way we are.

To make people like what you make is almost impossible (unless you’re Coke) but getting the mass public is possible. Trying to get everyone to like us or what we do is a part of our everyday trouble and everyday life. It’s a part of marketing. You have to choose who is going to use the product. What’s their demographic or geographic information about them? It’s in technology. Can the older generation use this or is it only meant for the younger generation? It’s in design. Will they understand what this is? Will they buy it?

Even discussions in a group. Most likely not everyone is going to agree with each other. Having different tastes make us unique but makes our lives much more complicated.

Quote of the Day 12/17/09

“We have a Responsibility”

Designers have the responsibility to help Earth. To do what is ethically right. Luckily people are recognizing the changes they have to make to create to create a better environment through architecture, furniture, lighting, and heating. Such changes in architecture would have to be the green roof.

Green roofs are a benefit ecologically and economically. Ecologically we’re reducing our footprint and helping reduce the damage to the ozone layer. Green roofs can help you in many ways but the most beneficially would be storm water management. It can absorb the water into itself and then filter the excess out. Also, research shows that when a community contain green roofing the temperature of the area becomes cooler. It can introduce wildlife even though this wasn’t it’s main purpose. Economically, it reduces long term repairs and such. Leaking from roofs are a large concern where as green roofs can handle large amount of water. Overall, energy cost can be reduced with green roofs because vegetated buildings reduces heat-gain. This means that the buliding is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are many advantages of having a green roof and more information can be found on