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Taking Chances


Experience Punta Cana

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The Leaves of Fall in my House

I have no idea who this is by but if anyone knows please share with me.

West Chin Architect

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WCA is an architectural, interior design and decorating firm located in NYC. West Chin is the principal architect for WC and is known for his modern creativity is both commercial and residential projects. The firm was founded in 1992 and continues to be at the top of their game as a functional, clean and spacious environment. From the mouth of Mies van der Rohe, “less is more”.


It was scary at first but it was an enjoyable process. Once I arrive 20 mins early for my scheduled interview I found myself staring at a long line up. Luckily I found a friend who let me cut in (benefits!). Once I registered for my interview and paid my fee I saw posters around the school saying how Ryerson’s Interior design program is being discussed as one of the best schools to study at. The other two schools were located in New York and Rhode Island. After the glimpse I went to my interview which were located on the top floor of the school. I sat and waited to be called in. Continue reading ‘Post-Interview’

Church Turned Castle

This grand and new castle previously wasn’t a castle but a church built back in 1925 and was soon a project designed by Priscilla Glover and Ivan Spaller of Urban Nature Inc. The castle was designed to have the olden world look with a mix of rock and roll. You can definitely tell that this building was not constructed many years ago. The stone to me at first looked really strange as though they were large grains of rice that happened to look like a castle. But with closer shots of the building the stone look amazing. The courtyard looks grand and the backyard is spacious and a piece of work all on its own. To view more pictures about the castle visit this website: Bouldin Castle.

One More Day …

… until my interview with Ryerson. I’m scared but I’m also hopeful. Times like these I look over to my past and wonder if I’m doing everything right, if I’m making the right move. I think tomorrow will give me a better understanding. I’ve completed my portfolio and stapled it together. I don’t think I want others to view my portfolio yet but to have an idea what I put in it click on “portfolio” under category on the right hand side of the site.

So far I finished the portfolio, got a recommendation letter (keeping in hand just in case they want one), made a cheque to Ryerson for the non-academic requirement fee, and printed the interview confirmation.

All I have to do now is write the personal essay, do a design test and an interview.

Today I was looking for inspiration that could possibly help with with my design test. This year students that are mailing in their design have to construct a playground inspired by numbers, letters and basic geometry. I’m not sure what I’m going to be given so I literally looked at anything that could inspire me.

The most colourful playground I’ve ever seen. But the design could be touched on.

Winnie the Pooh’s house in the 100 acre wood. I love you Winnie the Pooh.

This amazing backyard playground looks so open and safe.

It’s like another dimension of Alice in Wonderland, but more sketchy.

Not sure this will inspire me with the design test but doesn’t everyone love cute animals???