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Walking Ladder

My opinion of this ladder is complicated. I can’t think of a reason why someone would create this. Maybe the reason that making things is fun. But other than that reason I don’t see how anyone can use this. You have to use a remote to move the ladder and it moves very slowly. If it could walk by itself by voice command or by clapping then it would be useful. The only thing appealing about this device is the remote itself. It’s adorable because the paint brush is the joystick. But other than that it’s nothing to my eyes.


Staring at Paper

by Björn Braun

What’s not to love about the simplicity of the photo. Simple but makes an impression. You look at the photo and all you see is the middle ground. No background or foreground disturbing the main focus of the picture. I look at the photo and I see aging, work, and a classic.

A Parallel Image

by Gebhard Sengmüller in collaboration with Franz Büchinger created an interactive sculpture with three basic components. The camera (which is made of 2500 photo sensors), the monitor (which is made of 2500 tiny light bulbs) and the copper wires. Images that are shown through the camera are projected out to the monitor. It’s absolutely attractive to stare at. It looks like the monitor is creating flames behind it as a picture is shown. The yellow lights and copper wires gives off a fire in a dark room. A demonstration of the sculpture is shown in the video below.

Ace Hotel

I think this has to be one of my favourite hotels I’ve seen recently. I think it definitely targets the younger generation and art students. In each location there are different rooms. They look fascinating online but how I wish I would be able to view them in real life. I think I’d be afraid to sleep in there though. Just because … it doesn’t look like a typical hotel room. More like someone else’s home.

Medium Queen Room

The link below is to the Ace Hotel located in New York: