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Make Your Own Rocking Chair

OOOMS dutch design created an attachment for almost any four-legged chair and turns it into a rocking chair. This rocker was created for a contest called the “Designboom rocking chair contest.”

Basically, the base of the rocker is made out of plywood and steel is used to create a clutching mechanism to hold onto the chair’s legs.

I think it has some good and some bad points to the design. Firstly the negatives, how do you know which chairs will give a smooth or a soft ride? What are the safety standards of the chair? On the positive side it’s universal and attractive in it’s design.


Staring at Paper

by Björn Braun

What’s not to love about the simplicity of the photo. Simple but makes an impression. You look at the photo and all you see is the middle ground. No background or foreground disturbing the main focus of the picture. I look at the photo and I see aging, work, and a classic.

Tubular Objects

I questioned what a tubular object was even. Sort of sad but I guess it was the fact that I didn’t know what to put in. I thought of chairs and vases but they’re either really simple or really weird.