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Real Estate – Paddington, Australia

Why shouldn’t we do a bit of real estate shopping every so often? There is this fabulous contemporary house in the suburbs of Australia and I have to share it. Words cannot describe the beauty of this house so I’ll let the pictures speak to you.

For more information on the house please visit HERE


Robert Austin Gonzalez

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of colours, accessories, and clusters of “stuff” in my house and all over the internet that I really needed to look at something cleaner and organized. Robert Austin Gonzalez is an interior designer from New York and he cleverly disguises storage area or spaces into a beautiful modern room. Before he started using his name as a brand he started off manufacturing furniture during 1994 and then went to design his own custom residential furniture in 2002. During this time which he created custom furniture he quickly went into designing interiors and renovation. By 2006 he decided to brand himself as an interior designer.

It’s difficult to not love art with function.

Ace Hotel

I think this has to be one of my favourite hotels I’ve seen recently. I think it definitely targets the younger generation and art students. In each location there are different rooms. They look fascinating online but how I wish I would be able to view them in real life. I think I’d be afraid to sleep in there though. Just because … it doesn’t look like a typical hotel room. More like someone else’s home.

Medium Queen Room

The link below is to the Ace Hotel located in New York: