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Sliding House

The sliding house is located in a rural area of England. This house was built by dRMM and was completed back in 2009. The house is divided into three parts. The garage, house and annexe which is an subsidiary building. The garage is the red building off to the side to create a courtyard in between the house and annexe. The buildings are made out of red rubber membrane and glass, red and black stained larch. What makes this house famous is it’s mobile roof/wall enclosure. The movement of the structure allows the user to create whatever feeling of the space they want it to be. They can have the house open without the roof in warm weathers and closed when the day gets dark. The structure is made out of steel, timber, insulation, and unstained larch spanning recessed railway tracks. The structure move by a hidden electric motor on wheel which is integrated into the thick walls. It’s about twenty tons in weight and takes just about six minutes to move across the entire site.

The idea of constantly creating a different space to your liking is an idea which I can’t resist. You’ll rarely be bored of your house and this is an excuse to go out to the country side. You can change the atmosphere of your surrounding and the ability to move your roof must be a  pleasure. This house has amazing character.

Above: Here are pictures of how the structure moves when covering the house.

Below: A video from Wallpaper magazine on the sliding house.