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Quote of the Day 12/17/09

“We have a Responsibility”

Designers have the responsibility to help Earth. To do what is ethically right. Luckily people are recognizing the changes they have to make to create to create a better environment through architecture, furniture, lighting, and heating. Such changes in architecture would have to be the green roof.

Green roofs are a benefit ecologically and economically. Ecologically we’re reducing our footprint and helping reduce the damage to the ozone layer. Green roofs can help you in many ways but the most beneficially would be storm water management. It can absorb the water into itself and then filter the excess out. Also, research shows that when a community contain green roofing the temperature of the area becomes cooler. It can introduce wildlife even though this wasn’t it’s main purpose. Economically, it reduces long term repairs and such. Leaking from roofs are a large concern where as green roofs can handle large amount of water. Overall, energy cost can be reduced with green roofs because vegetated buildings reduces heat-gain. This means that the buliding is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. There are many advantages of having a green roof and more information can be found on