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Gerard Butler’s New York Apartment

I recently had a peek at the Architectural Digest while I was at Shoppers Drug Mart and I was stunned by the main article in the May 2010 issue. Gerard Butler’s N.Y. apartment is absolutely gorgeous! It screams out creativity, detail, baroque era, Gothic, rustic, classic, and “Am I actually in a N.Y. apartment?”. The pictures are incredible and they compliment the apartment very well. One day, I’d like to stand in front of those large doors.

All pictures are from Architectural Digest. Architecture by Alexander Gorlin Architects/Interior Design by Elvis Restaino/ Photography by Durston Saylor


Ace Hotel

I think this has to be one of my favourite hotels I’ve seen recently. I think it definitely targets the younger generation and art students. In each location there are different rooms. They look fascinating online but how I wish I would be able to view them in real life. I think I’d be afraid to sleep in there though. Just because … it doesn’t look like a typical hotel room. More like someone else’s home.

Medium Queen Room

The link below is to the Ace Hotel located in New York: