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Organic Sketch and Other Drawings

I asked one of the professors if they allow animal drawings as an organic sketch and she said it was fine : ) Thank gosh. I have a couple of animal sketches but decided on one of my favourites. In this post, there are going to be other drawings that I’m considering to put in my portfolio. Hence the title of this post. Just so you know, I couldn’t scan the picture because the paper is larger than my scanner.

Sketch of a jar and pears on a cloth. It’s an okay drawing. I like the jar and the pears but not really the piece of cloth.

I love how the colour turned out in this watercolour painting. It has a soft look to it and that’s what’s attracting me to put it into my portfolio. I think I used watercolour paint or watercolour pencil crayons. Need to find out.

I guess you can call this a classical Victorian setting. The violin and its bow, a book, and some sort of picture frame with a sheet on the background. I drew this a long time ago. This is when I was learning to to sketch using free hand. I think I improved later on when I drew the cloth in the first picture.

Lastly, my favourite picture which is my organic picture for my portfolio. I think I love this drawing a lot because of its clean lines and simplicity. It creates an overall great picture and something that will help me in the acceptance. Hopefully.



It’s time for another portfolio requirement. I need to sketch a staircase for this program and it doesn’t say how complicated it needs to be but I decided on a basic staircase since I don’t really know much about drawing staircases. It’s still in its rough stage. I just didn’t want to worry so much when the deadline comes and I find out I didn’t even do the proper shading techniques. You can tell which parts are better than others.

Tubular Objects

I questioned what a tubular object was even. Sort of sad but I guess it was the fact that I didn’t know what to put in. I thought of chairs and vases but they’re either really simple or really weird.