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MIT’s CityCar

Because, you know, we need to improve our ecological footprint and adapt to another innovation. I may be sounding informal at the moment, but it’s difficult sometimes to read about all these new and fabulous innovations/inventions and believe that we will be able to adapt to a new technological base lifestyle in the next 5 to 10 years. Some ideas are plausible, in a sense that they’re realistic, and others just make me giggle inside. One plausible idea is developed from MIT’s Media Lab. They designed a vehicle that’s sustainable in an urban environment. The car can travel 200 miles and fold up to maximize space while not in use. It’s also really light ( less than 1,000 pounds) and is battery-electric. I can definitely see these cars in suburbs where people travel short distances in their cars because there aren’t any sidewalks to even walk on. I’m not quite sure about the idea of putting these cars in the city. Everything is so cramped and quick that these cars can fly away if they could if they were to be hit by a 10,000 pound truck. But, there are many good points to these vehicles.

  • Change our typical idea of traveling (which is still back to the Henry Ford era) and get us to unconscionably ride a more ecologically approved method.
  • You can charge it. Better than pumping in oil and breathing in what could possibly be the death of us.
  • “Network robots”- this includes GPS and other “smart” ideas
  • Easy parking. Good for time and nature.
  • These cars will have their own roads. Similar to a bicycle path.
  • More to come …

Article about these CityCars from Metropolis Magazine.